Kamiyama is a depressed boy. It gets so intense that turn him into maniac. He feels great excitement seeing dead body. He’s even thinking to do mutilation. His first target is Yoru Morino who has a slice mark on her wrist. He thinks her hand is so beautiful. At the same time, mutilation cases spread all over the city cutting many hands. Kamiyama is eager to find who’s behind those cases.

People who get obsessed with killing and torturing are called Goth. Kamiyama and Morino are one of them.

This is absolutely dark manga, but I think many of us think like Kamiyama. We have the urge that Freud call Thanatos, the energy of death. It refers to thinking of hurting or even killing other or ourselves. So, it’s natural. But, a full functional human can control that beast nature.

You can find this manga in kotonoha or manga sketchbook

this manga worth


3 thoughts on “Goth

  1. Ega- san (love your name), I don’t think they release the novel in Indonesia. but, the comic book is available there, though it’s not from M&C or Elex.

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