Road to St. Andrews Dandoh XI!!

This story continues Dandoh original version. Here, Dandoh is traveling by himself to England. He’s looking for his master Shinjo and his idol, Akano.

On his transit in Thailand, he lost his wallet and sticks. That’s bad! The sticks are given to him by Shinjo sensei and Taku-san. He has to get them back no matter what happen.

Dandoh is still far from All England open….

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11 thoughts on “Road to St. Andrews Dandoh XI!!

  1. yes, i love it too….

    do you know where i can download the manga?? i`ve been searching everywhere but i cant find one…


  2. I’m sorry…
    I haven’t find any group scanlation for this manga.
    I’ll keep looking, ok?

  3. hahahahaa yeah…… i like this one too….this is how manga should be…..simple but interesting…

  4. hai ..
    i want to read road to st.andrews ..
    i’ve been searching this dandoh series for 3 month ..
    can i read dandoh from this site ?
    thx a lot

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