Nanbari no Ou

Ninjas are never exposing themselves. The world they live in is called Nabari World. Even in that world, they have a leader. The key to rule is having the powerful based, like Shinbaransho. It is believed as the secret art that enable who ever holding it to control the world of ninja and the surface world at the same time.

Miharu Rokujo is a ninja. Of course, when he declares his identity to his school mates, none believe him. But, Kumohira sensei and Aizawa-kun are starting Nindo Club. They are scouting them to join that ridiculous activity. They say that he’s being targeted and might be killed.

They are right. Ninjas are after him because he holds Shinbaransho inside him.

Well, this is not Naruto. This is a story about Ninja in modern world. With a slight of humor and more humanity, you might like it. Find in in timscanpi

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