Dear banchou

Souka just want to get a cheap school to prevent more household expenses. She lives with her nurse mother. Her parents are divorced, so Souka has to give her all to help her mother.

Unfortunately, the vocational school she chooses is full of delinquent male students. Thanks to that, the girls are afraid and asked for transfer to another school. Summary, she’s the only female student here.

But, what the hell, she doesn’t really care much. She can bear it.

When she accidentally hit the school’s bancho (big leader, usually refers to the strongest man in the gang), her school life is getting more interesting. According to school’s rule, anyone who defeats bancho will become the next bancho. Souka can’t do anything but accept it. Fortunately, she gets her classmates taking good care of her.

Everything is a quick incident in this manga. It’s quite funny if you just wanna relax.

You can find it in esthetique. Read it online on Mangafox

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4 thoughts on “Dear banchou

  1. Ah,dear Banchou!

    For me this story are so great it’s about a cute girl in a boy school, and my rating for this comics books are from 1 to 5 i give 4, that’s because in my country in Indonesia the comics only until no.2.

    Please kindly to release the No.3 and the rest to Indonesia.

  2. thank you, evi.
    Well, you need to be patience, since Elex just released Dear Banchou vol2 last June, right? so, it’s going to be some time before they release the third.
    Anyway, in japan, Dear Banchou has reach its 4th volume. and guess what? It’s still ONGOING!!!!

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