Can’t Throw Away My Precious

Miyuki is getting wildly popular for her cooking corner. As a new celeb, she is open to any publication. One of the shows they design for her is showing her house next week. Wow…that’s terrible.

Miyuki can cook easy and simple cooking, but she’s completely useless at house cleaning. Her apartment looks like being crushed by Godzilla.

She searches for tools to clean it and end bringing the cleaning sales to clean up. You see, her problem is there are too many stuffs and she could never throw them away. Hasegawa, the sales, is helping her to manage her goodies.

1 week is enough to grow feeling between them.

Well, reading this reminds me a sentence I read from Detective Fengshui (A great novel of detective and Feng Shui): Throwing is a good feng shui. Too much stuff only makes us hard to move on. Throw the old stuff and change it into new things. I bet you’ll feel better.

Well, this is the forth story of Furachi na Otokotachi. Just grab it in aerandria

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