One Piece

Luffy, a pirate. He’s the captain of Straw Hat Pirates. Like any other pirate, he’s searching for hidden treasure. He collects his crew consist of weird people with different skills. They are:

  • Rorona Zorro, the cool sword man.
  • Namie, a girl who wants to take revenge.
  • Usopp, hmmm…I think he’s just a useless guy. Ha ha
  • Tony Tony Chopper, the cook.
  • Nico Robin
  • Franky
  • Brook

Not only the skill, they also have different dreams. Do you get the idea here? It seems like Straw Hat Pirates is the mean to reach their dreams.

I don’t really like the art, but this manga has been recognized as the third highest selling manga in the history of weekly shounen jump (after Kochikame and Dragon Ball).

Find the latest release on Binktopia, Franky House or INP Mangaz

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2 thoughts on “One Piece

  1. yeah…
    but, it’s obviously popular!
    May be because it has so many characters.
    I think it contributes to the popularity. Fans can choose the character they like, they don’t have to like the central character only, right.
    Same thing happen to Bleach and Slam Dunk

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