Shion no Ou

This is the story about girls, shougi and murder. Hmm…interesting ha?

Shion Ishiwatari is a shougi prodigy. Her parents were killed 7 years ago. Her neighbor is a meijin (high rank in Shougi grade). He taught her to be a great player.

The other girl Ayumi is also making her way to expertise Shougi. In order to sum some money for her mother, Ayumi work hard. She thinks she can collect fees for her mother’s hospitalization from Shougi. But, she has to learn much before that. She’s looking for an expert to teach her more about shougi.

I always thought that Shougi is such a serious game and only men do that. But, our heroine here is eager to work as tough as she can to master it.

Honestly, this is not a manga I can understand easily, but the plot is flowing good. The art is beautiful, too.

This project is scanlated by hanashi

My Rating:


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