Royal Green

What is the definition of loser? It is person who stops before he tries.

Kokoro is one of them. She cried on her piano lesson since she can’t play a piece. She always stops in the middle of marathon. She lets her best friend take the boy she likes. Now, she falls on her way to entrance test of Ryoukuga High.

She was about to give up when a boy come and throw her handkerchief toward her. He says,” If you would try, you might succeed. Do you want to throw the chance away before even trying first? You can give me back my handkerchief when you get in”

Encouraged, Kokoro gives her best in the exam and pass. Now, she has a handkerchief to return to the boy who fired her up!

I like this story. It simple but difference from any other shoujo I read before. The art is so beautiful too.

My Rating:


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