Shinigami Lovers

Can a human have a romance with Shinigami?

Miku had just fall for a car accident. It was so bad. Incidentally, her soul is taken to other world even though it’s not her time yet. So, when she wakes up, she finds a handsome man lying next to her. He says his name is Sei and he is a shinigami.

When Miku realizes it, their hands are connected through a chain named “Thanatos’ lovers”. Their souls are bound together now. Sei did that and in return Miku can have one wish.

Yup, Sei has fallen for her and soon she will do the same thing.

Nevertheless, a human can’t join the life of shinigami. Because he’s the one taking lives from us. How could Miku handle this?

This manga is available for download in starry heaven

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