Get Love!

Miki is in love with Sagara. This boy really wanted to be a good soccer player. But, due to his short height, he become so unconfident. This is also the reason people make fun of him so many times. But, Miki believes he can do his best. Miki keeps supporting him.

This is a typical love story by Ikeyamada Go sensei. The series end in volume 7.

get love

You can find this manga on mangatemple

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12 thoughts on “Get Love!

  1. ko được đọc getlove nhỉ ! chắc hay lắm … thấy mỗi bìa truyện , nhưng nhìn cũng hay ^^ ! mong tìm được để đọc xem truyện ntn @-@~

  2. wah i tried to look for the rest of this but it seems nobody is translating it! there only is up to volume 2 available. could you please tell me where the rest of it is? i really really want to finish reading it; it’s so cute!

    1. I’m looking too
      But, we’re not lucky yet.
      Don’t you have the tankoubon (comic book) published in your country?

    1. Thank you for visiting, Andromeda san.
      However, both of the two groups doing this project (Condensation and Awillfulmuse) have only been working to volume 3 so far.
      So, I hope you can be patient. Or you can buy the tankoubon (comic book). 🙂

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