Crazy Maniax

There is a weird club in Kokushi Mushou High School named Crazy Maniax. The members are a mangaka-wanna be, an otaku, a gamer and a costplayer. They are accepting new member with only one condition: having a true heart.

One day, Ojima, a popular boy at school, sees a piece of manga fall from this club window. He’s in love with the female character drawn in that paper. He wants to join the club so he can see the masterpiece every single day. But, he is rejected because they think he hasn’t show up his good heart. It frustrates him. While Nagai, a weak boy Ojima drag into the club is easily accepted after showing his craving doll.

But, Nagai can’t enjoy the club. He’s been bullied by some kind of gangster. They forbid him to join any club activity. They kick him for being disobedient. Ojima comes at the very moment to help him. His action is rewarded by the club. He’s accepted as substitute member of Crazy Mania.

As I remember snoopy cool has release the scanlation.

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