Mieru Hito

This is a story about Himeno Okegawa and freak people she meets. It was long time ago when she lost in the wood; she saw a dolphin stuck in a tree. What? A dolphin? Yeah, and that creature showed her direction home. It asked her soul in return.

Now, she’ll be living her high school life in Tokyo. It’s about time the dolphin takes back the favor. Fortunatelly, Myojin is there. He helps Himeno by blowing that weird thing. He’s a deliveryman, one level above ghost buster. He delivers soul to The Other World, or if they’re not good (we’re calling them inhaku or bad spirits) he will mash them.

Myojin is also the manager of Utakata House where Himeno stay. It’s cheap and spooky. That’s because she’s the only living tenant there, while the others are ghosts!

Himeno is scare of ghost, but she has tough heart, so she’s willing to try living there….with all the consequences.

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