Butterfly in your thumb

Everybody may have birth mark on them. But, Kanoko share the same mark with many people. She has a butterfly mark on her right hand’s thumb, just like her sister, Mayu. They’re both coming from different father, but their relationship is much attached. Mayu is beautiful like mom and her actor lover, while Kanoko is more like her father who’s shy and diligent. Kanoko and Mayu create an idol character, Maya. Mayu is the player and Kanoko makes the script. Together, they get Maya into the top.

Well, they are not the only one with that butterfly mark. Tsubame, a popular boy at Kanoko’s school is also has the mark on his left hand’s thumb. When they touch each other mark, Kanoko feels the sensation of old memory. Tsubame believes that this mark is the proof of their love story in the past. He thinks they were lovers. Mike has the same mark, too. He was Tsubame’s boy friend when they meet. But, when Mike said he’s not Tsubame’s lifetime lover, Tsubame keeps searching for his original “meant to be”.

The mark has created many relationships. Where will be the end of the story?

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