Golden Age

After their golden age becoming member of elite soccer team,Chigasaki Caercarpents, Naria, Tora and Yui have to face the fall. Their junior club is being shot down due to financial problem.


Right after their losing their way, Yui decides to join their school team. The thing is that team is such a loser. They have to try hard to make their ways to the top again.

Can they make it?

My Rating:

This series is COMPLETED in 14 volumes. I hope somebody scan and translate it for us.


73 thoughts on “Golden Age

  1. Minna-san, I’ve tried my best looking the scanlator team for this project. But, none has done it yet!
    FYIO, Golden Age has reach its 8th volume.

    1. Minna san…I just receive the latest news that this series has already end at 14th volume. However, there’s still no scanlation group interested working on this project. Don’t ask me why…:)

  2. People in indonesia can have Golden Age tankoubon (comic book). It’s published by Elex Media Computindo and has reach its 7th volume.

  3. Damn! Why must at vol. 14 end? *sory bad grammar*
    Actually, the manga is easy-to-read and, i think, it’s very good. Even i thought it will be end in 20 or more…

    1. left a huge responsibility here.
      however, I repeat, there’s no scanlation group working on this project yet.
      Too bad, ha

  4. I love GOLDEn AGE too!!!Because G-A is very Great!!!:X

    1. kalau Golden Age ini belum ada yang scan. Sedangkan, untuk manga yang lain, situs download sudah dicantumkan pada setiap judul postingan (Jika tidak ada maka berarti belum ada grup translation yang mengerjakan proyek tersebut).
      Ada banyak situs baca online diantaranya:

  5. I just bought the this series till volume 4 in Indo-language. Do you know how many volume of this have been published, I wonder?

    1. The series end at volume 14. And I believe Indonesian has already published the 9th volume (February 24 2010, M&C).

  6. di indo tamatnya no 15 ya
    ada yang tao ga nyari no 1 sama 10 n 14 dimana ya
    punya tinggal itu aje yang lom komplit >.<

  7. i want to read golden age from book 1 till end. can you please email me the archive or give me a link to download it? thank

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