Shibata Taketora doesn’t look like a policeman. He’s short and has a cute sweet face. You might think he’s just a high school student. shibatora

But, he has a good heart and willing to dedicate his life for the job.

Once he catches a girl doing shoplifting. That girl grudges a lot of pain. Apparently, she was abused by her father. Taketora sees the burden she lived with and wants to help her. But, an hour after he releases her, she turns herself to the police for murdering. What’s going on here?

This interesting manga is available for download in deadbeat scan

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7 thoughts on “Shibatora

  1. hmm…Teppei is probably the best for this character!!!
    He’s already show his great talent playing serious chibi character in Iryu (Team Medical Dragon), right?

  2. hmmm…
    Eiji is way too cool. plus, he’s taller!!
    So, Teppei is the best actor for this one

  3. hmm…yeah, as far as I know Shibatora’s dorama ends in eps 11. wavemaster may just mistype it. lol.
    Anyway, the manga is still ONGOING!!!!!!!
    it has reach the 8th volume.

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