PsychoTrader Chinami

chinamiIt’s year of 2040, the future where people with supernatural power are common in the society. Those who have talent can work for the psychic police. Chinami Sakurazawa has been dreaming to be one of them. Well, actually, this 18 years old girl just has a crush on Inspector Takenouchi, the hottie in that squad. But, she failed on entrance test. Hmm..she is so sad.

She was born with the ability of psycho explosion. But, still she can’t control it. She get in trouble for explode things, till she’s been arrested by the psychic police. As her punishment, she has to work along her probation in psychic trader company, Maple tree.

It’s the company that uses psychic power to do many kinds of job. Well, like catching criminals (if they were lucky), but mostly just simple job like advertising. Ha ha ha

Chinami still explodes things and the company had to pay a lot of money because of that. But, they believe she has potency.

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