Online dating, romance in the internet, are common to our society today. Shinjo and Haruka are online lovers. They’ve been dating in the net for 6 sweet months. It’s time to meet.

mel kano

They’re real life are actually not as sweet as that. Shinjo is a tough guy who would fight to help his kouhai (junior), while Haruka has always been bullied for being different from other girls. And they come to the same school!! They’re even in the same class. Shinjo found out his online girl friend was Haruka when he accidentally takes her phone.

Now, they have to meet in front of the station. They do hate each other when they meet. But, this is the meeting they’ve been longing for. So, Haruka has an idea, why don’t they use text mail to each other during this date. Surprisingly, when they do that, they’re acting like great lover. Ha ha

This is a very funny love story. They don’t have split personality, it’s just text makes them sweeter.

you can get it from scx scan

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