Kagen no Tsuki

I think AI Miyazawa sensei’s work is one the most favorite manga that has been turned into live action. Let’s count, Nana, ima ai ni yukimasu, tada ai shiteru, then Kagen no Tsuki.

Well, Kagen no Tsuki is one of my favorite because the live action are played by my favorite Chiaki Kuriyama, Hiroki Narimiya and Hyde!! The story is quite dark and kinda spooky (why does Chiaki often end up as spooky character????))

Anyway, this is about true love.that’s what I though when I read the review from a magazine. But, as I read the manga (which is completely beautiful and deep), I changed my mind. This is about friendship and believe. With that, you can carry on your life.

Mizuki is a depressed girl. She take every sad things to the bottom of her heart and it makes a burden for her. One day, she meets Adam, an British singer. She feels good hearing him.

Adam also has a problem. Mizuki remains him his dead girlfriend. You see, they are using each other.

But, none actually able to see Mizuki, apart from a girl who met her at the gates of heaven. Who’s she anyway? What happen?

If you’re curious, you can download this manga from storm in heaven

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