Bamboo Blade

Kendo is a famous Japanese Martial Art. But, there’s only 1 active member in Kendo Club of Muroe Private High School, Kirino. She’s always practice like crazy maniac. Kojiro, the instructore sensei is a poor and narrow minded guy. He has been in financial difficulty lately.

That’s why he take the gamble with his senpai. Each of them are responsible for girl kendo club. The deal is to get each team to a face to face exercise battle. If Kojiro wins, he deserves a one year free meal at sushi restaurant.

The problem is his team is out of number. He needs to find 5 other girl to build the best squad.

Nah, Which team will be the winner?

It’s classified as shojo sport manga because there so many girls characters. You can get it fromgievmoar

Bamboo Blade also has the anime version.

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