Kung fu Boy

This is my first shonen manga. The story tells about a young boy named Chinmi. Chinmi has a great heart. With that, he conquers in Kung Fu world.

I remember one of the most interesting scenes from this manga. There was time when his master asked Chinmi to split the moon. How can you divide a moon into two? Chinmi worked hard for that. It was definitely a riddle. He failed many times. Then, he tried to concentrate. Most of the time, answers come out when you don’t think of anything.

So, what did he do?

He went to a pool. It was a night with full moon. You can see the reflection of the moon on the water. Chinmi started and push his fist. The velocity of his punch carried the air above him and took also the water in the middle of moon reflection. If we look closer, it seemed like the moon has been divided.

There’s a lot of kungfu styles presented here. But, the thing Chinmi taught the most is the virtues we could share with others. This is one philosophical story for me. And surprisingly, there’s not romance essence like when Chinmi had a girl he likes. Ha ha ha

Find it in mangadaisuki

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