Innocent Dragon

Lamka is the son of village chief. On his way home, he meets a girl named Kanan. She says she’s trained nun. She was ordered to buy food supply to the city, but she got robbed. Lamka feels sorry for this little girl. He takes her to his village, Sanwa, where she can work to earn the money. Her sweet and innocent way makes people care about her. Not only that, she also has ability to be liked by animal, including the kohebis. They are believed as Messengers of Heaven or Flying Serpents.

There are a lot of kohebis in that village. The legend grew that a Holy Dragon fell from the heavens following a battle against a Black Dragon and was buried in Sanwa. People come by to find out the truth. The villagers now try hard to protect their peacefulness.

On the other side, Lamka has another problem. He soon fall in love for Kanan. It’s the same time he found out the mystery of his birth. There are many veils they have to open now!

Yamaguchi Miyuki sensei seems really like supernatural theme. Well, it’s not that bad actually, but the character from each story resembles. It seems like we only need to read one story only. Ha ha ha

Anyway, this manga is available on ivyscan

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