Wild Life

Tessho must be the most lucky person in the world. He doesn’t look like a doctor at all! He’s more look luka a hip hop boy. But, he pass the national exam and graduated as a vet.

Tessho has special ability: perfect pitch. It means he can hear voice beyond normal human’s auditory. With this, he wants to save many animals!

After graduated, Tessho finally gets to work to R.E.D. Though they said that this hospital is the greatest among all, it looks so shabby. However, Tessho soon to learn the high ability of those vet in R.E.D. Tessho may be idiot, but he has spirit to solve every case.

It’s a very funny and full of animal manga! It’s still ongoing in Japan and I’m still buying the original manga.

www.boku-tachi.net has released the scanlation. You can also check crazy manga for alternative.

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