The World God Only Knows

Katsuragi Keima is an otamegane (combination of otaku and megane). He is so into a game that he comes to the conclusion: real women are trash! The only ones he like are the women in game world. He is known as “The capturing God” in that place.


One day he receives an email challenging him who’ve been said able to make any girl fall for him. When Katsuragi press the reply button, Erushi comes from the hell. It seems like Hell is in demand of souls. In order to dispatch in charge of cleaning, Erushi planned to use the power of human’s love. She means to catch spirits. We’re talking about bad spirits here. They’re hiding inside people’s heart. If you can capture the heart, then the spirit will lose it’s place to stay. So, she came to conclusion that the best way to capture someone’s heart is to make her falling in love. This is where ” The Capturing God” make a role!


The problem is Keima has never make any real girl falling for him. Hmm….what should they do now?




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This manga has just been released as anime. Read the preview here

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