Hatsukoi Limited

Hatsukoi Limited is all about young girls. During school period, love–well, at least going out–is an important for them. When you’re alone, you feel like out of group cos everybody enjoying their love life. That’s the reason you have to work hard to find yourself a boy friend. No matter how he look. Ha ha

Personally speaking, I kinda disagree with this kind of culture. Being a lover is good, but should not force yourself to get one. If we open our eyes brighter, there are many other achievements we can pursue. Being young is such a bless. I won’t waste my time giving it to one man, while I can give the world.

Japanese high school girls are quite funny, I think. They wears such short skirt, but refuse to be peeped on. WHY THE HELL YOU WEAR SUCH A CLOTHE AT THE FIRST TIME? BAKA!

Anyway, back to the manga!, the art is beautiful and you can download is available on http://readable.websgarage.com/. The good point of this manga is you can laugh at their silly innocent acts. I mean, they’re just a little girl!

I give this


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