Mushishi: Hana Madoi

Mansaku finds a little baby inside Sakura tree. He and his wife like her. They decide to take care of her. They named her Saho. But, she shows abnormality in her growing up. Instead of drinking milk, little Saho chooses Sakura sap. She’s also have immature body. When Mansaku and his wife finally passed away, Saho is still look like a little girl. The family has been taking care of her for generations. They keep consume her with Sakura sap, which is later found as dangerous liquid. Till the day that tree is not blooming anymore. Saho soon find out that she is blind and deaf.

hana madoi

The story tells us about human’s affection. We would do many things to protect the one we love, even though we’re doing it wrong. The thing that looks good outside may not feel great inside.

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