Addicted to Curry

addicted to curry

After Cooking Master Boy and Yakitate Japan, Addicted to curry gives you the plot full of delicious food.

Curry is originally comes from India. But, it is one of the most common food in Japan. There are so many mangas talking about food lately.

Dreaming of making delicious curry, Makito and Sonezaki promised to work together in Japan by opening a curry shop. But, when Makito finally find Sonezaki’s shop, it’s almost too late. The pressure is too high to keep the business on. Makito and Yui, Sonezaki’s daughter, are giving their best effort to pull this up!

I must warn you, the food drew in this manga looks very delicious that makes you hungry. And there are also some recipes of great curries.


You can read it online in mangafox

My Rating:


2 thoughts on “Addicted to Curry

  1. I’m curious as to why you rated 3/5. I thought this was a great manga series – slice of life, comedy with splashes of suspense and hints of romance.

    Also, I do believe it’s seinen. =)

  2. ha…:)
    Well, it’s so much like Yakitate Japan.
    I kinda like it, but I only read the first volume.

    PS: thank you for your correction.

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