Honey & Clover

I download this from www.freemangadownload.com a long time ago, so I kinda forget the whole story. Till, the dorama version is released. Wow! I don’t want to miss Toma and Nari in that shows.

Ok, ok…we’re talking about the manga now.


In the faculty of art, there’s this little girl who has excellent talent. She’s 18 but she’s so small, no..more like cute. She can make a statue 3 times bigger than herself. Her name is Hanamoto Hagumi. Takemoto falls in love since the first time they met. But, his problem is not only love. There’s also his academic status and his life survival. He live with Morita and Mayama, together in poverty in an apartment that’s 9 square meters, with a kitchen 4.5 square meters, and no bath.


Honey & Clover ends in volume 10.

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