My Heavenly Hockey Club

Since she’s very lazy, she works on her grade to get into the nearest favorite high school. Now, Hana Suzuki can have more time to sleep. It only takes 3 minutes to go to school. She’s completely satisfied. But, her dream is ruined right away, when Izumi Oda’s car hit her. The fact that the car suffers more damage than herself has amazed him. He uses that excuse to force Hana joining his Grand Hockey Club.

Though they call it that way, there are only 5 boys as the members. And the never really do hockey. Those bunch of rich boys just feel good being member of a club.

Hana hates it because now she has to wake up early every day. But, Izumi knows how to intimidate her more: he just offers her foods and foods.

Basically, this is the laziest club you’ll ever see! They have many foods and comic around, but seldom practice the sport. They like to travel all over Japan to find good food and onsen, and some time to get match partner. But, so far they have not succeeded making any game. Thanks to helicopter, bear and new hockey tools. Aren’t you curious? You need to read this funny manga of Ai Morinaga sensei! The art is good, too.

my heavenly hockey club

You can find it on manga temple

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One thought on “My Heavenly Hockey Club

  1. gilaaaaa..
    komiknya seru abies! kok bisa sieh ai morinaga bikin komik super lucu yang bisa bikin gw ketawa sampe nagis

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