Midori is Tomboy

Midori lives in a small island near Tokyo. She used to play with boys. It makes her a little bit tomboy. When Hino Tsukasa came, Midori is so happy. Tsukasa taught her to play soccer. He also takes her heart. Midori found her first love. But, Tsukasa had to get back to Tokyo.

Now, she’s 15. She meets Tsukasa again. But, he’s not as sweet as he used to be. As a great player, he turns to be a playboy. His bad attitude makes Midori hate him. So, she decides to go to Tokyo and defeat him in soccer. But, Midori comes to a boy-only dormitory school. She has to hide her identity.

I like Ikemada Go sensei’s work for her chubby character. Though it’s kinda echi, the spirit inside is cute.

you can find it in mangatemple

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  1. i like i love you tsukasa……………………………………

    1. tsukusi · · Reply

      tau ga apa yg dilakukan tsukasa ma midori?

    2. Anonymous · · Reply

      I like sTukasa
      now N vorefer….

  2. Tiffani · · Reply

    i LoVe ShinBashi KazuMa ..

    i HaTe HiNo tSuKaSa ..

  3. annisa · · Reply

    i love all your story Ikeyamada go! such as get love, moe kare and now midori is tomboy. i love this story, very interested and i like shinbashi kazuma, he is cute, i hope, end this story midori chan can falling in love with kazuma kun, and they live together,,,>_<

  4. Love you Ikeyamada Go. what a great story you made.

  5. Kazuma…. Tsukasa… I like both of you. Thanks for ikeyamada Go who creat this story.

  6. I love kazuma-kun!! You are so cute! I already read completely manga uwasa no midori-kun and ikeyamada go made it won by kazuma. Hino tsukasa just such a coward LOSER!

  7. Anonymous · · Reply

    i like yoyogi tetsu…..very handsome…
    i hate tsukasa.i hope he’s dead!!!

  8. tsukasa is cool boy ………………………………………………….

  9. i love KAZAMA-kun..
    he’s so cute..


  11. it’s cute but the story is to long

  12. Kazuma is so cute, and so kind…..
    Tsukasa is so cool…..
    But midori is the best……
    I like all…….

  13. wew..i love kazuma and tsukasa ^^

  14. G0 tsukasa. !
    i LUph u s0 much. !
    Tsukasa the beST. !
    kazuMA, ?
    The bad b0y. !

  15. i love hino tsukasa, he is a gentle guy.
    good story, good pictures

  16. i LOVE HINO TSUKASA!!!!!
    He’s very gentle…….

  17. Ann cool! · · Reply

    I like Kazuma 4ever!!!
    The coward boy, Hino, I think he’s not better than a loser!
    He’s a dirty little playboy!!!
    iF i GO TO jAPAN, I’ll see you Ike-san!!!

  18. I lupH Hino! is RomantiC n Cool!

  19. i love HINO TSUKASA, i hope midori kun will choose tsukasa kun.

  20. i love Shinbashi Kazuma and Hino Tsukasa….
    there both are cool guys…
    would love to have a boyfriend like them…teehee ^^

  21. I love all…….
    Terutama tsukasa-kun, mskpun dia dngin tp ttp cute.
    Kazuma jg mnis,,,,pa lg pd wktu dia mengungkn prasaanya sm Midori, wjhnya yg mlu2 it mnisssssss bnget.

  22. pYOnGqx ~ · · Reply

    kyaaaaaaaaaa ~
    i really really love tsukasaaaa ~~~~~~~
    yeaaaaa ,,
    he is very cooL ~

  23. i luv Hino Thukasa
    coz dia keren buangeeeetzzzz

  24. STUKASA is a COOL BOY!!!

    DON’T SAY that My Stukasa is a LOSER


    Stukasa,, love you,u,u,,,!!

    1. sakuramochi · · Reply

      Wakatta, Rei-san. Everybody has their own liking. :)

  25. Storyynya k3ereen bangets, Tsukasa is tha B3st.so ccOl.. oghh,, sampe mimisan gwa

  26. hinata · · Reply

    i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tsukasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    because he very very very very very very bad boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kazuma kun because he very very very very very very very veri handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………………………

    1. sakuramochi · · Reply

      me too…
      he he
      well, the one I hate most is Midori for being so stupid and bitchy. I guess, you can’t do anything about girl with low education, ha?

    2. tsukusi · · Reply

      yes i’m agree

  27. i like it very much, its very funny story. :>

  28. very luv hino tsukasa.. >.<

  29. Anonymous · · Reply

    greeedd’ st0ry!!! Tsukasa en kazuma G0!!!!!!!!

  30. rani sheila · · Reply

    Love Kazuma-kun very much. He is sooo handsome.

  31. i luv both of them

  32. tsukusi · · Reply

    tau ga aq ngefans sbiezz ma kazuma soal nya kazuma tu krn bgt

  33. tsukusi · · Reply

    tsukasa tuh ga bgt kan

  34. Minna, don’t you think Ikeyama sensei is a great mangaka? She can create such a marvelous manga.

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