Cute Guy

Tateno Makoto sensei is known for yaoi mangas. But, this one is not! It’s a sweet shoujo, even though you’ll see some boys love spices in it.

What if your father can invent drug to split your gender?

Sumi just want to be a sexy grown up girl, so she can have more confident to confess her love. She thought Mitsuru likes older woman. So, she asked her scientist father to make her a medicine to change her body. But, instead of being sexy, she turns out to be a hot guy. The problem is she can’t control that medication effect. Every time she had her heart pounds, she turns easily.

But, thanks to that she could talk to Mitsuru naturally, as her boy identity!

Later, there are more cross gender people in the story. Even so, this is a pretty sweet shoujo with lots of humor (We love it, right?)

You can find it in operation boredom

My Rating:


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