Parfait Tic

This is one of the most boring shoujo I ever read. It supposed to be a beautiful love story. But, it gets too long, and makes you bored.

Two cute guys are moving next to her house, Ichi and Daia. They all go to the same school. Soon, the love grows between them. The problem is who should she love most? Is going to be Daia, the energetic funky one? Or is it the cool and smart Ichi?

The reason I hate this story is because the main character is so dumb. yeah,that Fuuko girl.She can’t decide which one she likes most. Moreover, when she thinks Daia is not good enough, she turns to Ichi right away. She looks like a bitch to me. I hate someone who has no pride like her.

Even though, the art is so beautiful, I stop reading it at volume 14. It ends in 22 volumes (O MY GOD!!!)

well, if you like it, you can find it in shoujo magic

My Rating:


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