Orpheus no Mado

When you happen to be in the orpheus window, be careful. If you look back above the window…and if there was someone, you’ll fall in love. That’s the myth of that window.

This is a story about Julius, Isaac and Klaus in the Orpheus Window. Each of them hold a secret. How would the story goes?

Ikeda Ryoko sensei is known for her historical manga. After succeeded by Versailless no Bara *kYaaaa! Oscar sama!!*, Ikeda sensei brought her romantic royal passion into the story blend in myth of Orpheus. This manga does has strong plot and ironic ending. She wrote 18 volumes of this manga which was released from 1975 to 1981 *wow! I wasn’t even born yet*.


Storm in heaven used to scan it. But, they dropped it already.

My rating:


2 thoughts on “Orpheus no Mado

  1. Could you tell me where else i can find this manga? I was reading it from storminheaven too until they dropped the project … that story is really amazing, thanks ,

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