Yasuhiro Kano sensei makes this manga on magical background. The plot starts in Seinagi high school’s entrance test. Taiga Kuzumi’s ambition is to be accepted in that reputable school. It’s because he want to stop being called stupid.

But, this is not an ordinary high school. Seinagi High allows student to learn and practice magic. So, the main question in the entrance test is “What would you do if you’re able to do magic?” Kuzumi fails on that question because he sees another candidate laugh at him. He feels mad to her. He comes to the school, but a teacher misunderstood him as a delinquent student. He, then, caught in a fight with that teacher and end with Kuzumi’s winning. To prevent more damage, the headmaster welcomes him as a student of the school.

This is just a new threatening beginning for Kuzumi, because unlike any other kids, he has not given any plate magic. It means he can’t do magic. But, those who saw the fight thought that he has a great magic. People start adores him. In the other side, he is forced to be more dependable in dangerous situation.

This is such a cute and funny story. You can find the scans in rycola

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3 thoughts on “Mx0

  1. well,i read till the end (chapter 99)…but this simply can’t be end!!!is there a sequel,maybe with another name?The way it is,it is simply unfinished!!!

    1. well, the author made MPO before this series. It’s prequel before he decided to make Mx0. But, there’s no sequel yet.
      I know, the ending is so premature.
      If you like Kano sensei’s work, you might want to take a look at Pretty Face as well.

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