Mr. Friday

Yayoi is a careless young girl. One day, she had her glasses fixed. She can’t see normally. It was a rainy day, so I really think it’s dangerous to let her walk by herself. She opens her umbrella, and there’s someone slipped in front of her. Oo! She’s so worry. She thinks that guy fall because of her umbrella. Instead of making things better, she ends up bothering him more. But, this is our hero. He is completely worries about her going alone. I mean, she sees a water drop in the street as a pond. He, then, decides to walk her to the glasses shop.

Yayoi can’t see his face clearly, but she recognizes the voice. It sounds like someone in the school. So, the investigation begins to look the guy she met on that Friday.

This is my favorite Kyoko Hikawa sensei’s manga. It’s so cute.

This manga is scanned by mangasync

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