When I saw Hellsing anime on my video rental, I thought I could get some actions! Well, it was. Long after that, I found the manga. I almost forget the whole story after all, so I decided to read it. Well, this is my review:

Alucard, a vampire, is a weapon used to control evil spirits and supernatural forces. He works for England secret organization, Hellsing. Integra was the one who raise him from his ‘death’ 10 years ago. She’s the heir of Hellsing family. She’s now in charge of Royal Order of Protestant Knights, a division in Hellsing.

But, the ghoul (we can simply call it zombie) is not only spread in England. Integra has to send Alucard to Irish too. The problem is they’re not the only who chase the evil doers. Vatican also has their hand on it. It is father Alexander Anderson, the paladin, who comes there first. Now ALucard and his company, Seras, have to fight him. The battle continues with those two knights of different religion fighting who deserve to extinguish the ghoul.

This is another example how an evil creature can be good to mankind. Vampire is not human’s friend. But, together, they can bring peace to the world. Of course, there will be consequences for that. The nature of both creatures is different in many areas, but resembles one thing: a will to survive. We will do anything to make a living. So does a vampire. For Alucard, to live means to serve to his master, Integra. It’s not like he’s in threat or something, he just had promised her. They become more than just master and servant (demo….this is not a love story like you think!!!!)

My Rating:


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