3 girls are happening to fall in front of the announcer club. When the door opened, a warm nice voice asked them, “Wanna join our club?” The voice is like hypnotizing them. So, they join the club and soon becoming best friend.

This is a story of 3 girls involving many people around them.

Love and friendship.

Understanding and believing.

If you read this, you’ll find it’s a simple manga, but has deep meaning. As you expect from Kyoko Hikawa sensei!

Hush is willing to release the scanlation. just wait!

My Rating:


2 thoughts on “Girls

  1. yeah indeed kyoko hikawa sensei absolutely know how to make heartwarming works..(^_^) i really love her works…all of it, i first read her manga at 2nd grade, my sister buy it and accidentally i read it, what a luckily accident XD

    1. I believe you’re a lucky person, Inoenk san.
      what was the first Hikawa sensei’s work that u read?
      I had Miriam for the first time. what about u?

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