Prince to Yobanaide

Have you ever feel shame because you look so masculine? You might be in tough situation while you have someone to like. Some people want to change their look. But, that’s not what happens to our heroine here. Hoshino Toma is a cool, smart and athletic senpai. Girls love her for being such a dependable person. They look at her like she’s a prince.

Still, Toma has a feeling for Takahara from the Drama Club. She wonders how people might react if she confess her feeling to him. I mean, she’s a tough one. They may look her down.

But, a feeling will be meaningful if you deliver it.

I like this one-shot. I always like tough girl! This is kinda projection of me. Ha ha. Ok…ok. I’ll stop being narcist for now.

I just got it few days ago from ivyscans

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