Demon King

There was a very strong fighter. He could kill people easily. When he died, he goes to Hell, in the deepest hell. His name is Demon King. Since he’s so powerful, The King of Hell makes him work as God of death. So, he’s supposed to take dying soul to the hell.

But, one day, some big criminals (like Demon King) run away from Hell. This is dangerous threat to the world. Demon King is assigned to stop them and bring them back to hell.

I really like the opening part where Demon King is so funny and likes to bully anyone weaker than him. I remember once scene when he saw a monk helping a man, but it ends with the death of the monk. y’know what that guy said? “Hmm…you played cool, but still you dead. He he he”

He’s such a funny jerk, right?

It was a funny story, till it gets suck. I stop reading it at volume 17 (it’s a Korean comic, so you know…). It’s already reach volume 27 so far, but it still ongoing. ha!

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