Tantei Gakuen Q

Kyu lives with her mother, just the two of them. Since he was kidnapped, he grows a desire to be a detective. Yeah, it was a young detective who saved him that time.

In order to pursue his dream, he applies to Dan Detective School. It’s a special faculty who run by

Dan Morihiko, a famous detective. Kyu’s analytical ability leads him to solve cases amazingly. He also meets new good friends: Kinta the martial art man, Kazuma-the computer addicts, Megumi-who has absolute memory and Ryu-the mysterious genius.

Yet, this is not only a detective story, but also a full deep meaning relationship one: friendship, love and betray. Then, slowly, we’re taken to solve the biggest mystery in Kyu’s life: his father.

You can download this from storm in heaven


One thought on “Tantei Gakuen Q

  1. good ED song !! ^ ^
    Tapi sayangnya gambar si Ryu nya sedikit agak kurang ya ?! Tapi memang Ryu tipe orang cool.
    terus, waktu I baca pertama kali, I kira dia itu cewek, he he he he he

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