Kou’un no Rohatsushi

Barbershop is a magical place.

It can change your life.






 Saichi Nagato sensei presents sweet art from yaoi genre. The main idea is that appearance can change not only the way people look at you, but also how you feel about yourself.

Being gloomy guy with bad hair cut, Tsukasa always look down. He’s in love, but he never brave enough to tell her. One day, he stops at a barbershop and gets his hair cut. Nachi, the barber, makes a miracle that day. He turns that low profile young man into a talented actor.

Thanks to his brand new look, Tsukasa starts his stardom. But, even though he’s a celebrity, he never stop coming to the barbershop. Nachi was not only taking his hair, but also his heart.

You can find this in dangerous pleasure


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