Hiroto is just a young man who spends his day working part time job. One day, he sits in the park eating his bento while wondering who live in gorgeous condominium in front of the park. Suddenly, a kid come by and asks his bento. His name is Mamoru and he’s only 5 years old.

Hiroto is surprised, but he can’t say anything to that kid who eats all of his lunch. Lucky, his father chases him and apologize. It is Ichijo. Ichijo is an international pilot and he looks like macho man from cigarette commercial. Hiroto had a crush on him right away. Ichijo offers him to be their house maid. They live in that fancy condominium. Man! He’s so perfect! That’s what Hiroto thinks.

Hiroto is good at cleaning and cooking. Mamoru likes him so much. Without him noticing, Ichijo starts to grow special feeling for him.

From the yaoi genre, this is another sweet story made by CJ Michalsky sensei. You can download it from aarinfantasy


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