Fight no Akatsuki

Together they are fine. Akatsuki Higashino and Kiyoharu Kido love basketball. Even though they have no other friend to play with, it’s ok. They still love it. Due to lack of students, the Takadori 2 Middle school board decides to joint with other Takadori 1. The last school is widely known for great basketball team. Akatsuki and Kido are excited to play with more people. But, from team selection, Kido is accepted as team member because he’s good at shooting, while Akatsuki is placed in loser side since he only do defense.

Nevertheless, Akatsuki doesn’t lose hope. Even though he’s not a team member, he still can play basketball. That’s what most important, after all.

The team members are forced to work harder and harder. If they don’t fit the requirement, they will be replaced. Now, you see how much the tension they have to handle???

But, Akatsuki play basketball with passion. He enjoys it. When you do something with all your heart, winning is just side effect.

This 9 volume-manga is brought to you by Takao Aoyago sensei. The message is clear, right? When you do something, do it with love. I can say no more, but live life the fullest!

Beyond the sky works on the scanlation project.


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