Death Note

Good intention can become bad if you do it in the wrong way. That’s the main idea of this manga.

Light Yagami hates criminals. He wants to be a cop, just like his father, to protect the world. But, justice is not that powerful. There many big criminals who still free and untouchable. Light condemn law for being so weak.

One day, he finds a black book on the street. “Death Note” is the title written on its cover. Light laughs at it, but he takes it home. When he read the instruction, he knows that simply by writing a man’s name, he would die. Light doesn’t bite it just like that. He tries, and yet someone die.

Then, he becomes addicted. Now, he has God power to kill as many criminal as he wants.
But, killing is not making him God, anyway. In the eye of justice, he’s just the same with other killers. Police are asking L, the famous detective, to help them catching this new criminal. The battle between two geniuses is about to begin.

Thought this is such an incredible manga, it has bad impact on many youngsters. That’s way it is prohibited in some countries. News reported that many kids now bringing black book to school and writes the name of bad friends on it.
Well, the contradiction is what makes Death Note become so popular, right?


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