Change 123

Multiple personality theme is always funny. This is another manga about that, brought to you by Iku Sakaguchi sensei and Shiuru Iwasa sensei.


If you see Gettou Motoko on the street, you might want to greet her. She’s sweet and looks like a nice high school student. But, don’t mess up with her; you’ll end up in hospital. She could turn into Hibiki, Fujiko and Mikiri.

She has 3 fathers who teach her many things. One is a legendary Karate expert, the other is a master sword man, and the last is a grand master of ancient jujitsu. Her other personality grows as the skills she learnt.


Snoopycool does the scanslation project. You might want to check it out!

You can also check imangascan to get the whole manga.


6 thoughts on “Change 123

  1. Dude! I’ve read this manga till volume 7. It is one awesome manga packed with action comedy romance and the art is by far the best i’ve seen. This makes Tenjo Tenge & Ikkitousen art look like stick figures! Narley dude!

  2. As you can see now that Snoopycool is on hiatus (what a long hiatus since, but I found that imangascan is doing this project too. Guess what? They finish scan it till the last volume (12). Bravo!

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