His father decided to end his life and his family’s life. He was cheated and now he has no other way. But, he left his son alive. As he grows up, he becomes Kurosagi.

Y’know, there are 3 kinds of swindler in this world. First, there is Shiro sagishi (White swindler), the one who swindles with money. The second is Aka Sagishi (Red Swindler), the one who plays with her beauty. And the one who swindles both of the swindlers above is named Kurosagi.
He will swindle back the swindler. Well, this manga is much about money and financial activities. It might useful for you!

You can download Kurosagi from moar bad scan

But, you have to love the dorama version, because my beloved Pi is the one who play that character. he he he

You don’t know about Pi??? Oo! hurry, please click liveaction


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