Hataraki Man

“I want to die with the feeling of satisfaction for completing my job”
~ Matsukata Hiroko
Matsukata Hiroko is a 29 years old success editor. She works better than many men. Her desire is to do the task successfully. She can do anything for it. She even abandons her personal life. That’s why people call her Hataraki Man (Hard working man).

Well, this manga portrays hard worker’s life. As you know, Japanese is widely known having longer working hours. They also put everything into work. It makes them workaholic. That’s not bad for your health, anyway. Most employees could sleep anywhere: in train, bar or on the street. I read that one of the police duty to wake tired workers on the street in the morning. Ha ha

But, when you really like a job, won’t you do many things to get it done? When you enjoy something, you might forget time and your health condition. What d’u think? Are you one of the workaholics?

I already watched the dorama version here





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