Youth Survival

Rinkan high school is on camping. Kiriko Maejima is one of the group leaders. She’s tough and responsible. Unfortunately, her members are not the same. There’s spoiled little missy, Hana Kawasaki; a boy who always complaining, Kazuo Fujiwara, and the one who never gets serious, Satoru Amano.
Thanks to Hana, they are failed to cook Tonjiru (some kind of Japanese soup with meat and vegetables). She forgets the meat and Kazuo can’t find supermarket to buy vegetables.
Kiriko gets mad. She asks them to go find eatable plant around the forest. Later, she remembers that both of them are absolutely undependable.

When Kiriko and Amano go searching for them, they are just sitting near a cliff. Incidentally, Kazuo feels from the cliff taking Kiriko and the rest with him. They’re now officially lost.
When you’re in trouble, much potency would come out. Kiriko never know that Hana is not afraid of worm. And that Kazuo always bring medicine. Then, Amano is also so dependable in the dark. They help each other to get out of the forest.
It’s another cool and funny manga by Kyousuke motomi sensei, you know!

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3 thoughts on “Youth Survival

  1. where can I read it?
    I’ve been looking everywhere to read it and I haven’t found where to read it.

  2. yeah, i’ve been looking too. But, it seems like none has scanned it yet.
    why don’t you just buy the comic?

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