Raising Moe (Sensei no Susume)

When God “passed away”, 4 saints are choosen to be the future God. However, they have to compete with each other. Each of them are given a baby. We call it “sample test”. Each candidates have to raise the child into full functional human. They are allowed to ask help from a man during their test.

Rain chooses his helper by putting a 500 yen coin in the street. The one who take it to the police station must be someone with high morale. He would be the perfect person to help him raise the baby.The choosen one is Natsume Shiro. He’s just a teenager who wants to be a teacher.
This is another Saenagi Ryou sensei’s project. The manga is scanlated by amberlove.

It deserves


15 thoughts on “Raising Moe (Sensei no Susume)

  1. I like this manga so much
    Bcoz there are a lot of unigue,funny,adan strange characters here.and moe is very cute
    May I know where are you from?and do you have friendster?

  2. Huehehe…ternyata orang imdo juga:-D
    Lg error gak bs add sakura aja yg add ryu

  3. please to mr saenagi make more short manga because i very like your manga especially sensei no susume

  4. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i loved it since looooooooong time
    but i can’t found the next edition
    where i can find it??????????????????

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