Garasu No Kamen (Glass Mask)

Maya Kitajima has a wonderful acting talent. But, she’s none. She’s just a poor little girl who lost her mom. While in the other hand, Ayumi Himekawa has everything. Famous parents, beautiful face, educated acting and power to control. But, she’s not just anyone who satisfied with that. She wants more challenge.
They are the candidates to play the role of Red Angel, the legendary drama of Mayuko Chigusa sensei. Who will be the winner? Is Ayumi with all her back up? Or Maya who always in inferior position?

I started reading it when I was 14. And now, after 10 years, this story still in question. Rumors said that the mangaka is sick. Another said she’s busy running her religious sect, so she has no time drawing manga. Well, I don’t care what she does. Just FINISH THIS! Don’t start another project before this ends!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE

My rating:


11 thoughts on “Garasu No Kamen (Glass Mask)

  1. miss this manga so much….

    i have all collections of garasu no kamen..

    and still have hope to wait the ending… 😦

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