Demos’ Bride

Venus will be rotten in the Hell. In order to save her, Demos, her lover, has to bring the new body for her. He is a demon, though, he has love. He meets Minako who has the same beauty as Venus. But, lately, Demos starts falling in love with her. He tries to persuade her. But, he won’t take her with force. He wants her to be in love, so she would go anywhere with him.
Isn’t that sweet?

This is not really a love story. It labeled with “mystery” in the cover. While Demos in earth, he shows Minako how stupid human is. We know that when we ask help from Demon, we would suffer. But, still we place our hope on him.

well, I guess is enough, right?


6 thoughts on “Demos’ Bride

    1. Dominique san, gomenasai. I’ve been looking for it for years but it doesn’t appear that any group has work on this project. After all, this is a very old manga, right? It was published on 1975. Can you imagine that?

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